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Types of stereo microscopes

Writer:Anonymous   2020-07-01 14:06:00

There are two basic forms of stereo microscopes: one is a set of objective lenses, the middle image plane is parallel to the objective lens plane; the other is the twin-crystal paired objective lens invented by Greenough, the pair of objective lenses are identical, and the optical axis is clamped The angle is generally 12. ~15. Among them, it is characterized by easy correction of chromatic aberration and lower cost.

The magnification of the stereo microscope is obtained by changing the distance between the intermediate mirrors. The continuous magnification range * height is 7: 1, * high numerical aperture is greater than or equal to 0.1, this value can basically be regarded as the advanced level in the world at that time. At present, most of the domestic microscope production plants are mass-produced lx~4x or 0. 7x~4. 5x Greenough continuous zoom stereo microscope ⑴.