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Learn about Vickers hardness testers

Writer:Anonymous   2020-02-24 16:59:28

The principle of the Vickers hardness tester is that the surface of the workpiece is pressed by a stepping motor, and then the length of the diagonal of the indentation is measured by a reading microscope. Later, a conversion relationship between the diagonal and the test force is used to measure the Vickers hardness.

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  In addition, Vickers hardness tester software can be installed to display the image through the computer display, which makes it easier and faster to operate and measure the hardness value.


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  Japan's Takizawa High Temperature Micro Vickers Hardness Tester HMT-SHE system can be used to determine the Vickers hardness from normal temperature to high temperature. The temperature can reach 1200 ° C. It is suitable to verify the high temperature hardness of new materials such as heat-resistant metal materials and ceramic products. Measure Vickers hardness of different materials under certain temperature conditions.

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  According to the national standard GBT 4340.2-2012, the error of Vickers hardness tester is different for different values of different forces.