Company Profile

Hugetall Company is specialized in the sales of equipment such as hardness testers in mainland China. 

The company has very rich experience in field application of hardness testers, and can customize the hardness test equipment for various application scenarios. 

However, all customers have equipment test application scenarios, Hugetall  can fulfill the needs of customers, which is benefited from the company's rich industry application experience. 

It is our vision to let our customers fall in love with each of our equipment.

Beijing Hugetall  Technology Co., Ltd. is specialized in the research and development, manufacturing, market development, international trade, sales and technical services of analytical testing equipment. 

Our products are used in a wide range of quality control, scientific research, product inspection, safety, and the environment. 

The instruments and equipment we provide to our customers are high quality products. We have been providing our customers with high standards of products and supporting solutions with our rich industry experience and years of experience in customer application. 

We value traditional ethics and business practices, value the role of technology in practical applications, and value the customer experience of our products. Highly value the after-sales service and tracking of products. The employees of Chuangcheng Zhijia Company have a high educational background, professional work experience, and ethical standards and professionalism.