4778 Brinell Automatic Hardness Tester

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Hugetall 4776 automatic full Rockwell hardness tester is capable of performing automated contact test on the sample surface. All test steps are done in one click, completely eliminating operator error, thus maximizing test accuracy and repeatability. The fully automatic closed-loop load control system provides the highest precision loading force and is fully compliant with the ISO-JIS standard. Even the first test, you can achieve perfect and effective measurements.



ü  One button automatic measurement

ü  electronic closed-loop loading

ü  The indenter automatically contacts the sample and unloads it

ü  LED key screen menu display, easy to operate

ü  Set load holding time 10-15s

ü  Conversion of Rockwell, cloth and Vickers hardness values

ü  It has a wide range of applications and can test all kinds of metals

ü  It can be applied to heavy large workpieces with a maximum bearing capacity of 2500kg

ü  Configure hty-bpa high-resolution optical indentation measurement system to read clear indentation and test data


Test force

62.5-187.5-250-500-750-1000-1500-3000   kg

613.13-1839.38-2452.50-4905.00-7357.30-9810.00-14715.00-29430.00   N

Test method

One button   automatic electronic closed-loop loading


HBW2.5/62.5 -   HBW2.5/187.5 - HBW5/125 - HBW5/250 - HBW5/750- HBW10/500 - HBW10/1000   -HBW10/1500 - HBW10/3000

Read   resolution

Brinell,   depending on indentation measurement system resolution

Maximum height


Indentor travel


Maximum weight


Data output

Standard   interface

Power supply

230VAC 50-60Hz   150VA

Application   range

all kinds of   metals

Net weight

/ gross weight


Equipment size

500x900x1250   mm

Package size



Accroding to   relevant international standards


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